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Guide – Eachine Racer 250 – Turning the USB Port

Guide – Eachine Racer 250 – Turning the USB Port

Today I go over how to turn the flight controller to get better access to the USB port, and how to set that correctly in the GCS.

I couldn’t recommend purchasing a Eachine Racer 250 just because there are better things out there, even for beginners. But if you are interested in what they sell for or need replacement parts they can be found at the following link: Eachine Racer 250

Finally here is the two Facebook groups I mentioned at the end of this video.
Eachine Racers
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Eachine Racer 250 – Turning The FC to access the USB Port

Eachine in their infinite wisdom, created all the custom flight controllers for the Racer 250 with the USB plug facing the back. Let’s look at what it takes to get that USB plug facing the side where we have easier access.

This tutorial is based on what I felt was one of the more common configurations of the Racer 250, CC3D running librepilot/dRonin. If your application is different then your steps may differ. Especially when it comes to making the adjustment in the GCS.

Step 1 – Remove the top plate

Remove all of the screws holding the top plate to the frame, making sure not to lose any of the carbon fiber spacers between the top plate and the frame.

Step 2 – Remove the 4 nuts holding the Flight Controller to the Power Distribution Board

Step 3 – Rotate your Flight Controller 90°

Keep track of if you are rotating your flight controller clockwise or counter-clockwise looking down at the quad. This will be important when we make our adjustment in the GCS.

Step 4 – Secure the Flight Controller back to the Power Distribution Board with the 4 nuts removed previously

Step 5 – Replace the top plate

Make sure to put the spacers back between the top plate and the frame. The two short screws go in the front on the faceplate and the longer screws into the arms.

Step 6 – Connect the Flight Controller to the GCS (Ground Control Software)

Step 7 – Change the Yaw setting in your GCS according to how your Flight Controller is oriented.

90° if you rotated it clockwise

-90° if you rotated it counter-clockwise

Once those settings take effect you should be ready to fly. Double check your orientation by looking at your flight data while connected to the GCS, that will prevent you from damaging your quad if the yaw is not set correctly or if it is reversed.

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