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Guide – Eachine Racer 250 – VTX Mod

Guide – Eachine Racer 250 – VTX Mod

Today we look at getting the VTX off the top carbon fiber plate and moving it to the back so we can strap our batteries on top.

I couldn’t recommend purchasing a Eachine Racer 250 just because there are better things out there, even for beginners. But if you are interested in what they sell for or need replacement parts they can be found at the following link: Eachine Racer 250

A good set of heatsinks for VTXs

Finally here is the two Facebook groups I mentioned at the end of this video.
Eachine Racers
Skulls & Drones

Eachine Racer 250 – VTX Mod

Not everyone is ready to fly with their batteries attached to the bottom of their quadcopter, and not everyone wants their batteries in the middle potentially damaging their components in a crash. Stock you can mount smaller batteries on the top of the Eachine Racer 250, however the VTX antenna is directly in the way of most batteries, and makes it hard to get a good COG (Center of Gravity). So today we are going to look at moving the VTX from the top plate onto the Power Distribution Board at the back of the quad.

Step 1 – Remove the antenna from the VTX

If you have propellers on your quad, remove those as well. It is not necessary for this mod, but is a general safety tip for anytime that you are working on a quadcopter.

Step 2 – Remove the top plate

Make sure to not pull the top plate without being careful of the wires that are still connected to the VTX. Also, be sure to save the carbon fiber spacers that are between the top plate and the arms.

Step 3 – Remove the nut on the antenna connection and the 2 screws holding the VTX to the top plate

This is a good time to also put small zip ties through the vibration dampening balls of the camera platform. Preventing loss of the platform mount in a crash.

Step 4 – Plan where you are going to mount the VTX, and extend the cables so that they will reach

Your power wire can either be extended, or you can just run the power wire to some different solder points on the Power Distribution Board. However, the VTX on the Racer 250 needs power directly from the LiPo, not a 12v constant. Also I like to put a small heatsink on the VTX while I have it out, to hopefully extend its life and make it more resilient in case it is powered on without an antenna attached.

Step 5 – Mount the VTX

I prefer to mount it to the Power Distribution Board in the back by the LED light bar. I normally just use some double sided foam tape with a zip tie over the top. You do need to be mindful of attempting to mount it to the top plate as it is carbon fiber, and carbon fiber is conductive. So anytime you mount an electronic part to carbon fiber make sure to insulate it somehow or you will short your components.

Step 6 – Reconnect the VTX

Step 7 – Remount the top plate

Don’t forget to place the carbon fiber spacers back between the top plate and the arms

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